Why You Haven’t Met a Partner Yet

Get the best dating advice from the Monroeville matchmakers at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service.

Monroeville singles reading this, you’re probably sick to death of being set up on worthless dates by your friends and family members.  But how about receiving a little professional advice? 

Granted, there is only so much you can do if you are in charge of your dating life, today, the professional matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service, the most successful matchmaking agency in the Pittsburgh and Monroeville area, will explain why it’s so tough to meet the one, or even just someone to have a little fun with. 

The Monroeville matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles know that for those people who say never meet anyone, it’s because they don’t create the right opportunities to do so.  You can meet anyone at a coffee shop, a train stop, or even through a matchmaker.  Perhaps it’s just a matter of not being interested in them or feeling brave enough to start a conversation.  But if you feel like you’ve been single for a long time now and are seriously looking for ways to fix that, here are a handful of reasons you might still be single and what you can do to fix it today.

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A Hectic Work Life

The Monroeville matchmakers explain that a woman or a man who devotes themselves to their job too much will not be able to make space for their dating life.  It’s not a bad thing to love your job, and having ambition is great, you just need to make sure you’re leaving plenty of time to get to know someone new in your life; otherwise, you will remain single and lonely.

You’re Still Hung Up on Your Ex

Allow yourself plenty of time to get over yourself, recommends Pittsburgh Singles dating experts.  If you have recently broken up with a partner and the breakup has left you feeling torn, like any process, this can take time to get over.  But until you are completely over your ex, you will not be able to fully enjoy new dates.

Forget about the Type You Go For

It’s been said that finding the right partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and that is true, but many people make it even more difficult by reducing the parameters of what they want in a partner.  For example, the Monroeville matchmakers hear this from their clients every day…  Men looking for tall blondes, blue eyes, and toned legs.  Women looking for men who are six-foot plus, muscular, with a high-paying job.  But people who are looking for this are being unrealistic with their dating expectations.

Of course chemistry, personality, and physical attractions are the main ingredients to a relationship; however, all this comes in different shapes and sizes.  So don’t rule out someone because they don’t meet your criteria of the one.  By having unrealistic expectations of the features you want your partner to possess, you are only limiting yourself and making your search that much harder to find your ideal partner. 

The matchmakers from Pittsburgh Singles suggest to have an open-mind.  Your past type hasn’t been working out so it might be time to try dating different types of people; you never know, things could work out better than ever before—and chances are they will. 

Take Care of Your Appearance

This one is tough love, but if you have been single for a while, it might be time to start looking at yourself and see if there are areas in your appearance that need improvement.  Maybe you could lose a few pounds, quit smoking or drinking, and start taking better care of your overall appearance.  All these things are very unattractive qualities a man or woman can possess—especially now since we live in a world in which people are obsessed with health.  Both men and women who look after themselves and take care of their appearance are instantly more attractive than those who don’t. 

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Let It Take Its Course

Don’t drive yourself crazy by constantly asking yourself why you’re single.  If you get down on yourself you’re bound to find an answer.  That kind of self-questioning will appear in how you stand, communicate, and come across to other people—all while you could be meeting potential dates—but now you’re turning them off. 

Go out, have fun, flirt with new people, and do things you like doing.  There is nothing more appealing than someone who is happy with their own life.  People are attracted to that and it’s a lot easier to meet others.  If you like cooking, take a cooking class.  If you like dancing, take a dancing lesson—whatever you like, spend time doing those activities because that will put you in the path of meeting other singles who share the same interests as you. 

For Men: Leave the Bad Jokes at Home

Here is a helpful tip:  women are never going to laugh at your sexist jokes.  Today, women work just as hard as men do, explains Pittsburgh Singles, and some women out there even work harder, which is great—but this often makes it very difficult to woo a woman, because women are very independent nowadays.  Lucky for you, ladies, men are very attracted to a strong woman.  But men, listen up.  It’s all about how you pursue women.  Don’t be arrogant, don’t try to outdo them because you feel intimidated, and never make any chauvinistic comments in front of her. 

Spice Up Your Routine

The Monroeville matchmakers at Pittsburgh Singles want you to try expanding your social circle, because doing so will be the best way to meet new friends and hopefully start going out on new dates.  If you frequent the same bars week in and week out and only socialize with a small amount of people, you’re only limiting your chances of finding someone new. 

Our society has turned into one where we do the same things all the time, but you’re never going to meet someone new if you go to the same restaurant at the same time with the same circle of friends every week.  So spice up your routine and try something different—maybe even join a dating service.

If you’re single and serious about settling down, contact the team of personal matchmakers at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service to set up a consultation today. 

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